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Residential Remote Assistance

Select a Residential Remote Assistance Package to Ensure Your Home Computers Run Smoothly.

TechSquad provides quality remote IT support services for Residential Customers. Reach out today and discover how TechSquad Inc. can monitor and maintain all your residential computer needs.

Residential Remote Assistance


End-to-end remote support solutions for all of your residential computer needs.

Our Professional IT specialists have years of experience providing top-notch remote service

Quick Response

Our certified and experienced team are fully equipped to support your business remotely and provide quick and efficient response when technical issues occur.

24/7 Monitoring

With our expert remote technical support, you can have the peace and mind that your business is in good hands all the time. Our team will ensure the highest quality service.

Advanced Solutions

You can rely on TechSquad's remote IT support. We are committed to providing South Georgia homes with industry-leading solutions and advanced tools for your home computer needs.

Weekly Maintenance

Depending on your residential package, our remote management systems will perform maintenance tasks. Including Defrag of your Hard Drives, Deleting bloating Temp Files, Windows Patch Management and more.


Our Residential Packages Choices:

Premium Package

*** with a 30-day free trial

Enhanced Package

*** with a 30-day free trial

Basic Package

*** with a 30-day free trial


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If you’re considering IT support for your business, you can also rely on TechSquad Inc. for the best & latest technology solutions and services. Get in touch with our staff today, and we’ll ensure your technology runs smoothly, efficiently, and effectively.

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